Current Series: SWIPE RIGHT

Some of the most powerful forces on Earth are love, sex, and romance. In fact, relationships are a matter of life-and-death importance. So how you can train today for the relationship you want tomorrow? God’s plans for your life are not intended to kill your joy but to enhance it. You won’t want to miss this series, Swipe Right. Love, sex, and dating are some of the most popular topics of conversation among students. These areas are also some of the toughest issues for students to navigate. They have the potential to learn from them or be scarred by them. This three-week series will help students learn how God feels about love, sex, and dating. The message isn’t “don’t have sex.” The message is “be willing to wait for when it’s Godly and right.” Below are some helpful resources for you to make sure you're ready to respond to students' questions and opinions!

Week 1 (February 4)
Bottom Line: God has the best plan for sex.
Scripture: Genesis 2:22-25
Ask: How is the way sex is talked about in culture different than the way God talks about it?

Week 2 (February 11)
Bottom Line: Don't trade God's life-long gift for a short term appetite.
Scripture: Hebrews 12:16-17
Ask: What does it look like to honor God when it comes to love, sex, and dating?

Week 3 (February 18)
Bottom Line: Sex is not just physical.
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 6:16-20
Ask: What evidence or experience do you have that supports the idea that sex is more than physical?



We also have a few resources to talk to your high school student about dating.
Please click any of the links below for some helpful resources!

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